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We have over 6 years of junk removal experience, so we've seen it all. From small projects to big ones, we've got your needs covered. We can help you out with just one item or empting out an entire house. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions along the way.

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Their is nothing wrong with a franchise but in the junk removal business I found that we can offer the same services at about 30% less. I don't have the monthly franchise fees to pay or the expensive radio advertising that you hear daily.  We pass those savings on to you.


A lot of companies will only do junk removal or moving.  They won't combine the two services making it easier for you. And we know how complicated that stuff can be. But, at The Mess Express we're here to help you and your family figure all of those things out in a quick and efficient manner.


We are not a franchise