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Reliable Junk Removal in the Pennsylvania Tri-State Area

What does everyone have that they’re looking to get rid of from their home or office? Junk! Not only can clutter be an eyesore, but sometimes it can be hazardous to your health. Excess clutter can be a fire or tripping hazard or a haven for mold, dust, and dander, which can wreak havoc upon your sinuses and allergies. Clutter can have negative effects on your mental health as well. Looking at clutter can make you feel frustrated or overwhelmed. You may have difficulty locating items you need, causing you to feel forgetful or nonproductive. Don’t drain yourself any further by doing all the hauling. The Mess Express offers professional junk removal services in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. You’ll save time and money when you give our friendly junk removal team a call.


What’s Considered Junk? What Items Can We Haul Away?

You may have heard the familiar expression, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Anything taking up space on your property that you don’t want may be called junk, although we’re not here to judge. What looks like clutter to you could be considered valuable to someone else. Our junk removal company will take care of most unwanted items sitting around your home, office, yard, or construction job site. However, we do not offer container pick-up services. You would need to contact a local waste removal company for that type of service. If you’re wondering what we will and will not pick up, here is a helpful list of items residential and commercial customers commonly ask us to remove for them:

Construction Debris
Air Conditioners
Scrap Metal

How We Help Pennsylvania Property Owners Just Like You

Have some extra junk in your attic trunk, basement, garage, shed, or storage unit? Leftover debris in your yard or from your room demolition project? Are you moving or downsizing and getting rid of excess clutter? At The Mess Express, we pride ourselves upon our competitive pricing and quick turnaround times for junk removal. Even if it’s short notice, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can likely still accommodate you, as we’ve successfully handled various junk removal scenarios over the years. From general home clean-ups and estate clean-outs to realtors and landlords with messy properties who are seeking an ideal solution, we’re equipped to tackle it all. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting – Schedule an Appointment for Junk Removal!